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How do you dress like Medusa?

Medusa is a symbol of ancient Greek beauty and terror, all wrapped into one. To make a Medusa costume of your own, attach a series of rubber snakes to your hair. Wear a Greek-inspired dress and apply light make-up and accessories that keep the focus on your snake-covered hairdo.

What kind of dress does Medusa wear?

As for the costume, Medusa usually wears a long robe, with beautiful strands of silk fabric hanging from the arms. These costumes are highly similar to the Roman costumes, with the same fabrics and styles as they had.

How do you make a Medusa headdress?


How do you do cute Halloween nails?


What color nails should I get for Halloween?

You can’t go wrong with red nail polish. It’s classic, but also spooky, especially when paired with an all-black look.

Do your own Halloween nails?


How do you make Halloween nails?


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